EU Blue Card under Art. 27-Quater

Consolidated Immigration Act

Art. 27-quater of the Consolidated Immigration Act rules entries for work purposes of highly skilled workers from non-EU countries.

Highly skilled workers from outside the EU, or those with particular professional and technical qualifications, are eligible for the EU Blue Card. when about to be hired by Italian companies.

Such workers may enter Italy outside the “regulated flows” system.

consulenza immigrazione milano

The provision also allows foreign citizens validly resident in Italy to apply to convert their standard permit of stay into an EU Blue Card, subject to the availability of the documents required to certify the professional qualifications issued by the country of origin.

Our service supports client companies, their workers and families thereof throughout the entire process, from submitting clearance applications (nulla osta) to the permit of stay issuance, supporting the HR departments in fulfilling legal requirements.

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