Permit of Stay under Art.27 of the Consolidated Immigration Act

Art. 27 of the Consolidated Immigration Act rules entry to Italy for workers under specific circumstances

This provision grants entry visas for highly specialised employees of parent companies with permanent establishments or subsidiaries in Italy. Individuals can also be university professors or researchers, translators and interpreters, or other specific categories of workers, who must, meet specific work or educational requirements.

consulenza immigrazione milano

The provision allows for entry “outside of the EU flow system”. Indeed, the Consolidated Immigration Act provides for quotas for entry visas and the subsequent permit of stay, as/since art. 27 does not apply such quotas.

Over the last 10 years, our firm has helped dozens of foreign citizens which have successfully applied for that procedure and have been fully hired by Italian subsidiaries.

Our service supports client companies, their workers and families thereof throughout the entire process, from submitting clearance applications (nulla osta) to the permit of stay issuance, supporting the HR departments in fulfilling legal requirements.

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