Immigration (Flow Decree)

The Legislative decree.n. 73/2022, with the art. 44 rules the procedure for the compliance certification due by the employer, for the purpose of filing the application for the Nulla Osta for the entry visa for foreign workers.

consulenza immigrazione milano
Consulenza Fiscale Societaria del Lavoro e Contabile
The previous legislation entrusted these checks to the Territorial Labor Inspectorates (ITL) after the filing of the entry visa aapplication. The D.L. 73/2022 now provides that with regard to applications falling within the scope of the immigration flow decree, the adequacy checks are also entrusted to chartered accountants. The controls concern in particular:
  1. Compliance with the provisions of the Collective Labor Agreement
  2. The adequacy of the number of applications filend
The consultants must also analyze further specific aspects such as among others:
  • Net Equity adequacy of the company;
  • Financial figures of the company;
  • Number of actual employees
In the event of a positive outcome, the consultant issues a specific ASSEVERATION which can be presented at the same time of the entry visa application filind or at the time of signign of the residence agremen with the Immigration office The employer will therefore get a fundamental document for the whole recruitment procedure, in much faster times than those of the Labor Inspectorates (ITL).

The Asseveration Service

Studio Veronese provides the ASSEVERATION service pursuant to art. 44 Legislative Decree 73/2022.

The sworn statement is prepared after processing the documentation and economic data provided by the employer, and released within 7/10 working days from receipt of the last document requested.

consulenza immigrazione milano

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