Entry visas and permit of stay under Art.27
of the Consolidated Immigration Act

Art. 27 of the Consolidated Immigration Act rules entry to Italy for workers under specific circumstances

This article of the Consolidated Immigration Act rules entries to Italy for specialised workers, from non-EU countries under specific circumstances. This provision allows for visas entry, and permit of stay application by highly specialised employees of parent companies with permanent establishments or subsidiaries with legal offices in Italy. Individuals must have university-level education.

Other individuals may apply for this procedure like, university professors or researchers, lecturers, translators and interpreters, and other specific categories of workers, who meet particular work or educational requirements.

consulenza immigrazione milano
Consulenza Fiscale Societaria del Lavoro e Contabile

EU Blue Card under Art. 27-Quater
Consolidated Immigration Act

Art. 27-quater of the Consolidated Immigration Act rules entries for work purposes of highly skilled workers from non-EU countries

Highly skilled workers from outside the EU, or those with particular professional and technical qualifications, are eligible to apply for the EU Blue Card. Such workers may enter Italy outside the system of “regulated flows” when about to be employed by an Italian company, or wish to establish their own self-employment activity.

Entry Visas

An entry visa is a specific sticker on the passport granting access to Italy for foreign citizens

Entry visas are issued for several purposes as tourism, business, work. Long term visa (more than 90 days) is called National Visa and allows to circulate for no more than 90 days in other EU member states.

A long term visa actually leads to the need of a permit of stay. This procedure is complex starting with an online application, and further administrative requirements, even to deal with immigration and police office. We are leader on the market in providing such a support.

consulenza immigrazione milano

Immigration (flow decree)
Asseveration pursuant to art. 44 legislative decree 73/2022

The Legislative decree.n. 73/2022, with the art. 44 rules the procedure for the compliance certification due by the employer

For the purpose of filing the application for the Nulla Osta for the entry visa for  foreign workers.

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