P&C Planning and control for SMEs

P&C for SMEs is provided in partnership with a highly experienced professional auditor.

A deep insight into the dynamics, the economic and financial trends of the company so as to stand beside the entrepreneur understand its language and experience its needs, and above all wear its own shoes, are the features of this professional service.

SME P&C is offered in partnership with a professional auditor.

A professional auditor, having successfully stood for years by entrepreneurs, in turn, eager to fully understand the business dynamics and economic-financial trends of their business.

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P&C Planning and Control for Professionals

The greatest strength of the service offered is the development of a P&C consultancy service aimed at colleagues

The greatest strength of the service offered, aside from collaboration with a professional auditor, whose experience has grown among over 200 professional firms in Northern Italy, is the decade worth of direct experience achieved by Carlo Veronese, on his own Firm as certified public accountant. His firm focuses on planning and control, allowing it to develop a P&C consultancy service for colleagues, while speaking their language.

Thanks to its close collaboration with the IT consultants from Gestinfo srl, a web-based management platform (GSTPRO©) designed for the management of Firms (accountants, architects, engineers, designers), has been developed.

The GSTPRO© platform is fully customisable and makes it possible to manage mandates, service documents, time-keeping, invoice recording and generating files for to send to the SDI e-invoicing duties system.

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