Trainee chartered accountant and Auditor internship

The trainee Chartered Accountant and Statutory Auditor is a fundamental support and coaching figure for a professional firm.

It is necessary to be curious, to be dedicated to work, to feels in the client’s shoes and to be oriented towards confrontation with the dominus and colleagues and towards sharing knowledge and doubts.

The trainee Chartered Accountant candidate has a vision oriented towards his own professional development and must act and think like a pro, aware of his responsibilities and acting free in his own decisions.

Open position

Location: Milan

Open position: 1 trainee

Area of ​​activity: tax and corporate consultancy, immigration consultancy for highly specialized employees, corporate and tax opinions

Tax position: holder of VAT number (flat rate/ordinary)

Description: The candidate is a young graduate interested in undertaking or completing an internship to qualify as a Chartered Accountant and Statutory Auditor. The candidate will deal with ordinary tax, corporate and accounting consultancy for both companies and individuals.

Skills: Fluent in English, spoken and written, given the international clients with which Studio Veronese operates.

What we offer

  • A welcoming and relaxed working environment, where working hours are dutifully respected but where the availability for greater workloads may also be necessary when Tax deadlines approaches.
  • A dedicated desk station.
  • A company personal PC.

Remuneration: The remuneration is fixed according to ability and merit and is destined to grow over time and upon achievement of the qualification will be renegotiated.

After a two-month evaluation period, Studio Veronese offers:

  • Enrollment in the intensive preparation course for the State Uniform Exam at one of the trade associations.

The Professional Training

The professional internship is preparatory to taking the State Uniform Exam for the qualification to practice the profession of Chartered Accountant and Statutory Auditor.

To take the professional qualification exam, the trainee Chartered Accountant must have completed an eighteen-month traineeship with a Chartered Accountant who has been enrolled in the register for at least 5 years. The internship period for the qualification to practice the profession of Statutory Auditor lasts three years.

The trainee of the Studio Veronese is then taken over for the entire three-year duration of the training to obtain both qualifications, or until the completion of the traineeship period provided if it is already underway.

The decision to obtain the qualification to practice the professions of Chartered Accountant and Statutory Auditor is an indication of freedom and intellectual honesty, rectitude, autonomy, foresight, stubbornness, constancy and attitude of service to the customer.

It is not an easy road but it leads to many personal satisfactions and real might gratifications. It is a demanding journey which to must be aware of, and we think that tackling it together may represents an excellent opportunity for a personal an professional growt.

Payroll Specialist

The candidate has at least a two-year experience in the field. Use of the Data Service Payroll programme is preferred.

Accounting/Payroll Apprentice

The candidate is looking for an opportunity to develop his/her specific skills with a view to joining the team in future.


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