The Firm

Since 1996 we have been providing tax and corporate advisory services along with tax litigation support, even to individuals.

Since the outset, Carlo Veronese has brought together professionals experienced in several fields of tax, civil and corporate law, consolidating strong business relationships with a network of consultants, lawyers, notaries public and other certified professionals, which have been developed into friendship over the years.

In so doing, he has sought to provide his clients with prompt, proficient, qualified, and above all, successful support and commitment.

Studio Veronese’ staff and professionals boast a long-standing relationship lasting more than decades.

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Consulenza Fiscale Societaria del Lavoro e Contabile


Professionals’ training is regarded as essential and the firm' undergo frequent further training. Professional training program aim to capitalize on the highest current tax and economic standards.

During the tax season we accept interns from universities and from Milan’ leading technical vocational institutes.

This activity embodies the vision of the firm, offering an overall growth spurt, where knowledge and experience sharing, helps the critical review and turns this moment into an opportunity for everyone as well.

The mission is to provide clients with a prompt, expert, and above all, successful commitment, and to maintain the team at its best working and living standards.

Our Team

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Salvatore graduated at Università degli Studi di Messina with a degree in business and economics, and holds a Post-degree Master in corporate tax law and M&A. Salvatore has been experiencing in M&A operations since his graduation.
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Carlo graduated in business and economics at Università Bocconi in Milan with a degree and founded his own firm in 1996. He is a certified public accountant and statutory auditor, 20+ years’ experience in tax and corporate matters.
Massimo graduated at Università degli Studi di Verona with a degree in business and economics, and holds an MBA at SDA dept, Università Bocconi in Milan. Since 1992 Massimo has been experiencing in corporate governance and strategic planning, CRM, project management, marketing and sales planning.
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