Entry Visas

An entry visa is a specific sticker applied to the passport granting foreign citizens to legally enter Italy

There are several kind of entry visas: tourism, business, self-employed work, employment, study, medical treatments, sporting activities, etc.
Long term visas (more than 90 days) are called National Visa and allows to circulate for no more than 90 days even in other EU member states.

consulenza immigrazione milano
Consulenza Fiscale Societaria del Lavoro e Contabile

Depending on the length of the stay in Italy (up to 90 days or more), the visa may be prior to the issuance of a permit of stay.

In specific cases, issuance of a visa is subject to the issuance of Prefectural Clearance (Nulla Osta).

This procedure is complex starting with an online application and further administrative requirements, even to deal with immigration and police offices.

Our service supports client companies, their workers and their families thereof throughout the entire process, from submitting clearance applications (nulla osta) to the permit of stay issuance.

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